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Arabic Language Teaching In Chennai

  • Quran Tuition Class
  • Urdu Tuition Class
  • Hindi Tuition Class
  • Arabic Tution Class
  • Tamil Tuition Class


Quran Courses:

  1. Alphabets
  2. Grammer
  3. Reading
  4. Tajweed
  5. Meaningful
  6. Tafseer
  7. Hifz-e-surah
  8. Islamic Subjects
  9. Islamic Dua's
  10. Deeniyat
  11. Writing
  12. Hadees
  13. Islamic Tarbiyat


Arabic  Language

  1. Alphabets
  2. Alphabets
  3. Grammer
  4. Meaningful
  5. Reading
  6. Writing
  7. Speaking
  8. Urdu Language
  9. Hindi Language
  10. Tamil Language
  11. Spoken Hindi Classes
  12. Spoken Tamil Classes


We provide quality Arabic Language Services at your convenience. Our experienced Arabic Professionals are experts in the field of Arabic language services.We are delighted to announce the launch of Arabic certification Courses such as,


  • Spoken Arabic with Communication skills (Basic)
  • Spoken Arabic with Soft Skills (Advanced)
  • Corporate Arabic Training


This Arabic course is designed for non-native students who are eager to learn Arabic outside of a traditional classroom, restricted location, and pre-set schedule.


The narration in our Arabic lessons is mostly in Arabic because of our strong belief that any foreign language must be taught in that particular language. In our Arabic lessons, we tried to detour from this method. We did not limit our Arabic lessons to what is considered as the STANDARD practice in the field.


Program overview:

  • Study at any place
  • Repeat lessons, and go back to previous ones whenever needed
  • Vocabulary with each session
  • Glossary of Arabic grammar terms
  • Exercises, practices and reviews with each session


Urdu Language

  1. Alphabets
  2. Grammer
  3. Meaningful
  4. Reading
  5. Writing
  6. Speaking


In this course a student with strong Urdu foundations, who has already been using the language as a daily mode of communication, will be able to reach a level of speaking, oral understanding, reading and writing that comes close to that of a native speaker. A level that is not as much determined by accent or absolute flawlessness, than by a deep understanding of the hum of collective culture that resonates within every word and utterance. It is aimed at anyone who has already a good mastery of Urdu, but it will be particularly appreciated by research scholars who study one or the other aspect of the language or by someone living and working in an Urdu speaking community. The course consists of advanced exercises in written and spoken grammar and also of deepening the understanding of the various registers of the language found in newspapers and poetry or in television programs and songs. Having completed the course the student will be able to express feelings, thoughts and opinions with as much fluency as accuracy.


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